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The Workforce Shakeup is on the Way

December 13, 2021 | 1 Comments

Many businesses are now turning to their local recruitment agency Melbourne-wide to solve their staffing problems. It goes without saying that lockdowns and social distancing measures have put immense pressures on businesses over the past year, regardless of whether they could still operate from home or had to drastically down-size.

Part of the challenge now is playing catch up. Many employees and candidates alike have been hitting snooze for the greater part of the last two years. But now that our economy is opening up again, employers will need to make key hires to keep their business moving forward.

It only makes sense to reach out to a recruitment agency at this time to streamline the process of hiring new staff, but is your recruitment agency up to scratch?

In this blog we will explain what employers can expect over the next couple of months, why strong candidates matter, and how FirstPoint Personnel can help.

What’s the Great Workplace Shakeup?

The “Great Workplace Shakeup” will occur as the pandemic crisis eases and life returns to normal. Called the “Great Resignation” in the US, this shakeup will see a huge amount of mid-career employees resign, thanks in part to the large amount of new job positions coming online, and a desire to shake things up, experience something new, or progress to the next stage in their career.

In the US, 4 million Americans quit their jobs in July 2021 alone and resignation levels have stayed abnormally high ever since. We are already seeing a similar job market upheaval pick up pace in Australia.

However, this is both good and bad for employers. Businesses are going to lose some employees, but they’re also going to gain new talent. The “Great Shakeup” can be used to your advantage – so long as you have a recruitment process ready to secure the right candidates.

When Should Employers Start Hiring Again?

We recommend mapping out the job roles you may need to fill in the next couple of months and making steps toward hiring new staff.

Recruitment is more than just putting up an ad and selecting the best candidates. Everything from the job title to the job description, base rate, and what you share about your business counts in the recruitment process. Afterall, if you want the right applicants, you need the right advert.

If you’re dealing with a large workforce, or plan to scale up quickly, need help with PayRoll, or want to set up an industry-specific vetting process, then it will pay dividends to reach out to a recruitment agency sooner rather than later, before they close their books.

How FirstPoint Personnel Find the Best Candidates

FirstPoint Personnel manage both recruitment and PayRoll, and as such, we are deemed an essential service. We have been operating through the entire lockdown period from our office, where we have maintained our industry links and kept productivity levels high.

We are conscious that the workforce shakeup is coming and have the privileged position of being able to put extra staff and management processes in place. Thanks to remaining open during the extended lockdown period, we are ideally placed to see candidates and employers through any job market changes.

There remains a high level of opportunity for both skilled applicants and employers. We are ready to partner with new businesses and job seekers who wish to capitalise on this moment.

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