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How to write a cover letter that is impactful

Cover Letter Writing Services

Cover letters are more than just a description of why you are a suitable candidate for the role. At FirstPoint Personnel, we understand that cover letters are akin to the first impression you make on a potential employer, and as such, cover letters frequently determine whether you make it through to an interview. For this reason, Melbourne job seekers frequently require cover letter writing services and advice, in order to make the right impression, and clearly communicate their value to prospective employers. At FirstPoint, we recommend a three stage approach to cover letter writing: Correct Information, Grammar Check, and Review.

Correct Information

Ensure that your address, contact information and all names are correct and correctly spelled. This also applies to company names, prior job experience, and your description of yourself. Honesty and integrity are invaluable and will serve you well at the interview stage.

Grammar Check

Along with correct information and spelling, pay attention to grammar and small details such as the date, grammar conventions and writing style. We recommend a professional tone of voice, using a variety of sentence lengths, avoiding run-on sentences, and being careful to reinforce your value at the close of each paragraph.


As with your resume, it’s essential to proofread your cover letter. This is where cover letter writing services are particularly helpful in providing a fresh perspective and ensuring that your information and grammar is correct.

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