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Why More People Are Hiring The Person Not The Resume

December 15, 2021 | 0 Comments

The hiring process requires a fair bit of effort and thinking from both sides. Employers have to go through the details of all applicants and make a shortlist of people who shape up to be the likely best fit and so on. Resumes are an important part of this whole process. However, the resume is not everything. Employers are increasingly looking for something more that resumes just can’t give. They’re looking for personality to ensure that their next worker has not only the skills but the right personality for the position. Any recruitment consultant will back us up on this one.

There is no doubt personal qualifications and technical experience are still just as important for certain job openings but there are plenty of other things just as, if not more important to look into when it comes to hiring someone. A resume can only give so much insight into someone’s soft skills and character. Therefore, employers tend to assess applicants more during the interviews and not solely on the basis of resumes. Here’s why:

Resumes Are Your Tool to Get In:

Getting a foot in the door is one thing, but what do you do now that the door is open? One thing which applicants can sometimes tend to overlook is that regardless of how perfect your resume is, it is more often the means of opening a door it’s how you take the next steps inside that count. Once your resume gets you your interview, it’s time to show them why you’re the right fit on paper and in person. You could have all the skills in the world but if your personality, morals, work styles, and means of communication don’t fit with your potential new workplace, what’s listed on your resume probably won’t be worth it. Show them what you will offer and just how you’ll fit this position on a personal level.

Soft Skills:

It should be remembered that the modern job market and especially customer service jobs, requires versatile people who are capable of performing multiple tasks in addition to the core task they are hired for. Therefore, employers are more interested in additional soft skills of the applicant instead of just focusing on experience and skills relevant to the job only. Interpersonal skills are also something that will get you far. A majority of employers are interested in hiring people with good communication skills and self-accountability. They look for professionalism and confidence in a person. They also check whether the person they are hiring is passionate to learn more. People with flexibility and adaptability have more chances of getting hired because of their flexible behaviour and keenness to learn.

Character is the Key:

It goes without saying that modern employers are a lot more concerned about workplace welfare and culture. This is something that comes naturally with the behaviour of employees. It is often observed that employers would prefer a person with a flexible and good character over a person with higher qualifications and experience. The reason is that they tend to eliminate negative biases from the workplace. Employers are looking for people who are willing to expose themselves to new environments, cultures, people, and experiences without any issue. Employers believe that anyone can become good at something with substantial practice, however, moral character is something that can’t be taught to a certain point. Majority of the time, success is not dependent on the resumes but the personality behind it.

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